Powerful technologies built to simplify access to lower-cost prescriptions for all

Whether your business needs a secure, modern pharmacy benefits platform solution or you’re a patient who needs exact pricing to make decisions about your medications, RxSense delivers the transparent savings you need.

Complexity simplified. Savings optimized. Business maximized.

Analytics & Intelligence
Consumer Technology


  • Benefit innovations launch in hours and days, not months
  • Faster implementation, faster to market
  • HIPAA compliant and secure, cloud-based platform
  • Modular architecture to pick and choose only the components you need
  • Transparent pricing and no hidden fees for budget predictability
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  • Sophisticated algorithms deliver real-time analytics for actionable insights
  • Intuitive, user-friendly dashboard to quickly drill down for pin-point accuracy
  • Real-time alerts to keep your fingers on the pulse of your plan
  • Understand plan performance sooner, course-correct faster to control costs
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  • Consumer-oriented, API-driven tools for informed decision-making
  • Integration with EMR systems to deliver savings at point-of-prescription
  • Optional POS rebate capability, delivering additional savings at the pharmacy counter

The Complete Enterprise Platform Solution

We’ve solved the challenges of today’s PBM systems and built RxAgile—a modern, modular solution that anticipates the challenges of tomorrow.

Secure and compliant

Cloud-based solution built for data security and ensuring HIPAA and regulatory compliance.

State of the Art
Efficient and cost-effective

Operational efficiency with point-and-click accuracy that drives savings and budget predictability.

Dependable Service
Maximum flexibility

Our integrated, modular platform lets you pick and choose only the components you need for the solution you want.

Business Intelligence
A single technology partner

One partner for the entire pharmacy benefits value chain—with top tier components from adjudication engine to rebates, mail to specialty.


A unique and intuitive dashboard design with the tools to drill down and deep dive to gain immediate insight across multiple, transparent, real-time data sets.

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Innovation from the Top Down

The power of partnering with RxSense comes directly from the strength and experience of our leadership team.

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